The legendary CadCARD is back in print, and ready to make your drafting
and designing easier! Whether you are a seasoned drafter, designer or if you are a
student just learning, The CadCARD is the perfect reference tool for you!

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For You

The CadCARD, a two-sided slide chart, is a full featured reference tool that easily fits into your workflow for use with AutoCAD.

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For Them

Instructors can use The CadCARD to assist in explaining many CAD concepts such as scale and its effect on drawing elements.


For All

The CadCARD becomes an instant reference tool for everyone from the new user to the seasoned pro.


As designers, architects, engineers, and drafters, you will find it to be a quick, easy to use aid in many of your day-to-day CAD tasks, therefore making your jobs more streamlined and efficient.

Front Side

The first side combines the initial setting, drawing scale, with lots of useful text and drawing size information. It also touches on useful settings, such as: block scale factors, linetype scale factors, inverse multipliers, standard font types, hatch pattern scale factors and so much more. 

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Back Side

The second side contains dimensional operations, including: summary explanations of the dimension style settings, variables and formatting options. The sleeve further leverages the usefulness of the tool by graphical examples of what settings change.

Each common paper size is displayed and their respective unit sizes and scale factors are coordinated. The font options presented clearly demonstrate the effects of scale factor changes.

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Get to know us better!

M633 Enterprises, LLC is a husband and wife team, Sean and Rachelle Herbert. Sean began working in 2011 as a draftsman and that is when he first came across The CadCARD. He received a copy when he took the ‘Fundamentals of AutoCAD' course through CAD Institute ©. Seven years later, now working as a designer, Sean continues to use the CadCARD on a regular basis.

The idea to bring back The CadCARD started when Sean’s co-workers were borrowing his and asking where he got it from. After searching online and not finding it anywhere outside of people selling their personal ones, we decided to begin the process of finding out how we could bring The CadCARD back into production. Shortly after that, we became the new owners of The CadCARD and began production for you!

As new owners of The CadCARD, it is our mission to work and serve with integrity and diligence. Our promise is to provide a quality product and service that will benefit you, our customer.

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